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PEI in a day

A visit and a change of plans

Our stay at the Indian Point B & B Motel was like staying with family. Homemade bread and jam with a view of the water. Add to that a rare tailwind for the morning as Bryan maintained an easy 35kmph over the 27km to meet me at the Confederation Bridge. He was in big ring all the time which hasn't happened very often. Since bikes aren't allowed on the bridge, he hopped into the car but afterwards continued another 56km into Charlottetown. However, a guy in a truck offered to take Bryan over the bridge, not knowing that he had a ride waiting.

I met Bryan at 1:30 when he had stopped for dinner at the Magic Wok.....4 plates heaped and then dessert! He had gone through steady rain but was enjoying the food and was still pumped about the wind push. We met friends of Tannis and Rich Kamminski, Kevin, Margaret and Ellen Whittrow, at their house near downtown. We had a good visit and Kevin rode with Bryan out of the city after a personal tour of some downtown landmarks.

The next leg, from Charlottetown to Wood Island featured a strong crosswind until the returned tailwind the last 15 km but the sun had finally decided to make an appearance. Meanwhile, I took a mini-tour off road to the Point Prim lighthouse, the only one made of brick on the island. Great view from the top! Bryan arrived at the information centre at 7:00, just in time to get into the line for the 8:00 ferry crossing. Total today: 151km .

Of note: -first day with much sunshine in the past week of rain.
-ditches filled with lupins of all shades
-the surprise of hills on the island
-lush, lush expanses of mowed acres
-beautiful old homes, carefully maintained
-red soil and potato fields

We stayed in Pictou, Nova Scotia at cute motel just past the ferry landing. Two more provinces conquered and two to go. I booked the ferry passage for Newfoundland. Our plans to go to St. John's have changed based on our time frame and the ferry times. We'll head for Cornerbrook instead.

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No rain delay here!

But good rain gear and a support vehicle required.

What difference a big breakfast makes to a day's start! The motel provided a minimal continental breakfast but after a bowl of cereal and 5 pieces of toast, Bryan went down the road for ham and eggs to top it off before starting out.
he left at 9:30 and had covered 91km by 1:45. We bypassed Moncton but stopped at Shediac for supper at 4:00. This is the self-proclaimed lobster capital of the Maritimes and we ate at Subway! Bryan had hoped to bike the rest of the way to Port Elgin that night yet. A severe thunderstorm and very heavy rain became just too much to ride in so I picked Bryan up halfway there and we continued on to Port Elgin and a hot shower.

Bryan still covered 175 km today in all kinds of weather. That raincoat of his is a marvel! We have seen so much rain these past days. When so the people around here get their lawns cut? It has been humid but not sultry. We can't wait for the sun to come out though.

Tonight, Bryan cleaned his chain, and has settled into watching the opening day of the Tour de France. He's still pumped about his own personal Tour de Canada. Charlottetown tomorrow! Total kilometres: 6000

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Focus on the task

On Friday morning, Bryan left Florenceville, ready to cover 200km but he had a hard time finding his mojo. At 11:30, we had a picnic on the tables outside the A&W at Woodstock. From there he continued while I toured King's Landing just past there. My afternoon of wandering through a recreated 1840-1880 village was envigorating but his was a struggle. We met at 4:00 after he had ridden through a closed road with a 40 foot drop that he had to climb down on foot. After that, with a sandwich to spur him on, Bryan set out again for Fredricton arriving at 6:30 downtown.

When he met me, he decided to keep in the rhythm and continue out of the city. He made it to Jemseg by 8:30. So, of a 201 km day, 110 were from 9:30am to 4pm and 91 were after 4:30pm. As Bryan said, the mental aspect of this game is just as challenging as the road. The first part of his day, he had a hard time getting into the groove but after 4pm, he made up for that. The conditions were the same all day so there's no excuse there!

I went out to Jemseg to pick Bryan up since I had settled into a motel in Fredricton. That also meant that I had to return him to that starting point the next morning. However, a good meal of lasagna was incentive for Bryan after a good finish to the day.

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200km of great biking

Sunshine and calm winds at last!

This was a day to boost spirits. An early start, good weather and sunshine all combined to put the fun back in the project in a hurry. Bryan stopped in Edmundston for lunch at 11:30, had a few sandwiches at 4:00 in Grand Falls, and another snack at the Perth-Andover tourist rest stop at 6:00. Yes, he really does need to eat that much! He still had a big lasagna at 8:30 when he arrived at the hotel in Florenceville.

So, he 'beat' Quebec! We are now in a different time zone. It's now 3 hours ahead of home time. Bryan appreciated the good highway shoulders in Quebec and the way they treat bikers. I enjoyed being able to practice my French. We've had some very nice hotels to stay in....a soak in a hot tub really revives Bryan. Almost as much as food!

Now that we're in New Brunswick, we notice the bilingual signs and more English being spoken. The scenery along the highway reminds us of BC but without the major mountains. The Appalacians are gentler and more rolling. The people here really don't know what a steep incline is like. The highways have really good shoulders too. Funny how you notice that more when you're with a biker.

What have I done the past 2 days? Toured an amazing carving museum/workshop, found a great used bookstore, did a bunch of reading while I waited, and did a bit of shopping. All that and, of course, keep "the machine" fed.

Fredricton, here we come!

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Canada Day on the road

Bryan left Montmagny at 7:30am in heavy fog, hoping to beat some of the wind and rain to come. He continued winding through the towns that flank the secondary highway along the St Lawrence. At 110:30 we met for a roadside picnic but the wind had risen and clouds were ahead again. I went ahead into Riviere-du-Loup to wait for him. When he arrived at 4:30, we went to the National rental car office to add his name so he'd be able to drive later. He had some food and set out on the next leg of the day. The SUV came in handy to get him out of town and onto the highway again. Getting through cities is time-consuming and sometimes confusing. I am able to check out the best route for when he comes along. Partnership!

He was tired from battling the wind yet again. It's just getting pretty old! However, after warming up, he was game to start again. The last leg into Cabano put the fun in this game again. There were lots of uphills and the matching downhill races on great shoulders.

July 1: 188 km

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