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Into the mountains

Monday, June 1 Bryan rode 156km into Princeton. Cell phone coverage has been a bit of a problem but he is doing well. Tues, June 2, he peddled for 7 hours, stopping often to refuel and made Osoyoos by 10pm. He is averaging over 20kmph even with a headwind all day and some tough morning climbs. The downhills were great though. However, he doesn't think that he'll do another 200 km day through the mountains. He was able to eat well and hydrate enough even in the very warm temps.

Monday night he camped and met some other bikers, 2 of whom were also going to St John's. Tuesday night he stayed in a motel, enjoying a soak in the hot tub, a shower and a late supper. He hopes to reach Grand Forks on Wednesday.

He is in very good spirits, glad that he's making the trip.

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Bryan Biking Across Canada

Day 1


Bryan has started his bike trip across Canada! He caught a flight to Vancouver at 11:00am the Sunday, May 31. The guys at The Bike Doctor in Saskatoon helped Bryan gather supplies and had packed up his new bike securely for the flight...he just had to unpack and assemble it to get on the road. A friend of Cliff Reinhardt, Christoph Reiners, sent Bryan map directions to get away from the airport safely. Thanks to all who helped in the preparations! Bryan's only concern was about getting clear of the city.

He isn't so good with the computer stuff so I will fill you in on his progress. He will call me each night until I join him June 29 in Quebec City or somewhere near there.

He got out of Vancouver easily, crossed two big bridges that were a thrill and headed south along the US border towards Abbotsford. He biked about three and a half hours, averaging 30kmph with a slight tail wind. The traffic on the #1 highway was heavy and he had a hard time connecting with nephew Matt Kaminski near Chilliwack. However, he arrived there safely and stayed overnight with them.

A good start to his trek! Please pray for Bryan, his safety in traffic and westerlies.

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