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A cattle show and old friends

Into Manitoba

Saturday was an interesting one for Bryan. He left the campground near Broadview but stopped in down the road at Whitewood when he was flagged down on the highway by the Knutsons. Nancy and Cliff and their son Mark were at a cattle auction there. Bryan was pleased to also see some old friends from our days of raising Simmentals. After about two hours, he was on his way again with good wind and weather.

He arrived at a campground outside of Brandon around 9:30, set up his tent, and waited for a call from Nancy and Cliff. They
actually drove there to take him out for supper at Montana's. Now that's way beyond the call of hospitality!

Bryan has had some good days through the prairies. That is about to change again....

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Update overdue

Moving through Saskatchewan

June 11 was an easy 50km ride into Moose Jaw, a visit to the bike repair store for a tune up, and time for a day off. I hurried down from Outlook after my classes to join Bryan. We enjoyed supper out, a walk in the park, a bit of shopping for supplies and a soak at the Mineral Spa where we stayed. Although we talk each night on the phone, there's nothing like face to face!

On Friday, June 12, I left again for school at 6am and Bryan got an early start on his day's biking. A short easy ride in to Regina but getting out of the city on the Ring Road was a bit miserable. With good winds the rest of the day, he was to Indian Head by 3pm and covered 235 km before resting in Broadview. He might have gone further but pipeline crews have taken up most of the available accomodations and he wasn't sure he'd get a place in Whitewood. He did discover what might be the root cause of a nagging bit of tendonitis. One screw in his shoe cleat was a fraction longer than the other which made him compensate. Hopefully that will no longer be a problem.

So, a day of rest was a good thing and he will still be across Manitoba, if all goes well, by Monday. I'll keep you posted.

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Bryan was very thankful today for calm winds and sunshine. It all added up to a very good day of 240km that ended near Mortlach, SK. Thanks to Doug and Betty Hicks for spaghetti, apple pie and great conversation. Tomorrow, a quick trip into Moose Jaw, a visit to a bike shop for a tune up, and, most importantly, a rendez-vous with me! It's about time Bryan took a day of rest. Don't expect a complete blog tomorrow...

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Celebrating small towns

The Hotel Piapot

Although Bryan didn't make it into Gull Lake today, he did bike 152km to Piapot. By the way, he would like to challenge the myth that the prevailing winds are westerly. He bucked an east wind at 26km with big gusts. The 10km at suppertime without any wind was a Godsend. Then he was hit with pounding rain and wind. He had missed most of the showers during the day though. The locals can't figure out the winds either...maybe it goes along with the cold and snow in June. They had a foot and a half of snow in the Cypress Hills last week and the hills are still white.

But, on the good side, Bryan has again enjoyed local hospitality. In Maple Creek, he met a Dinsmore couple who know Jarl Akre. The helpful people at the Tourism Office recommended that he stay at the saloon in Piapot. Good decision! Bryan says that is is a jewel of an old building with a wrap around veranda on the second floor and footed tubs. The young couple who own it had moved from the rat race in Calgary to raise a family in small town. They offered to set Bryan up with breakfast, something in the fridge that he can pop in the microwave since they'll still be sleeping. They gave him the quietest room too, although Bryan has no trouble sleeping. The $45.00 included the food! Now where can you get that kind of treatment at any price?

Bryan hopes to enjoy this kind of hometown friendliness, along with the hospitality of friends all along his adventure. He says that really makes it interesting and all worth the effort on the road.

Total to date: 1570, just 5000km to go! He thinks he's paid his dues though and would like some west winds and heat.

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Worst day of the trip

Day 9

Monday, tough NE headwind, but 158Km nevertheless. Bryan had to be vigilant on the highway with wind from oncoming semis that stopped him short and swirling wind from those beside him. However, the shoulders were wide and smoother than highways in Sask.

Bryan made it to Bow Island by 6:00 and said hello to the parents of our neighbor in Outlook, Mona Wolgamuth. He also met up with an elderly man who knew about LCBI. Small world... Bryan ate the most all trip that day just to keep up his energy level. It was cold! He wore everything he had along, glad for a toque to wear to bed. He camped near Seven Persons last night but planned to get an early start in the morning....miss some of the wind the next day.
Wind...the ultimate test of a biker's stamina and determination.

Goal for Tuesday....Gull Lake.

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